Stepanova Ballet Academy

We’re accepting new students now

Students get a unique opportunity to learn from highly gifted professional instructors, and are also afforded the unique opportunity to take part in originally choreographed, professional productions.

2017/18 Registration.

Classes have started! We are still accepting new registrations.

When you enroll your child at Stepanova, you’ll value the real-world experience given to students who are ready to perform.

At the right time, your child will be given the opportunity to perform in many outstanding and famous classical pieces – with professionally-staged productions, full audiences, and all the trimmings.

At SBA, students are exposed to a professional environment – but without the pressures of competitions or tests.

Instead, at the end of the year, everyone at the school participates in the year-end production.

It’s not just a standard dance recital. Rather, it’s a highly professional and originally choreographed production with custom costumes, sets, backdrops, and sometimes professional dancers.

These shows attract a full public audience – beyond that of the parents and family members of the dancers.


This is where your child will shine – because of the training provided here.

Every hour of training is customized to meet your child’s unique needs and goals. If you want to be competitive, there’s a path for that. If your child just wants a “fun” form of after-school activity that will open up vast new horizons of opportunities, there’s a different path for that, too.


Meet our world class instructors hand picked by Prima Ballerina Mme. Stepanova.


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Register for a class that is right for you.

Ballet lessons are offered for all levels of commitment and ability


Confidence in Every Step!

Stepanova Ballet Academy offers programs for all levels of commitment and ability. Proper technique in a supportive environment is emphasized at all levels. Our ballet training is complemented with stretch/conditioning, pre-pointe, pointe, variations, Pas de deux as well as classes in Character and Contemporary.

We’re accepting new students now