Amelia Wanderlingh a native New Yorker, was a student at the famed Harkness House for the Ballet Arts, NY under the Direction of Patricia Wilde. She has performed extensively throughout the United States as Soloist and Principal dancer and in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and England) where she received the title of Prima Ballerina. For her contribution to the Ballet world as a dancer and now teacher, she has earned entrance into the Constantiana Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences based in North America and Europe and for her exceptional merits as an Artist and Master Teacher honored with membership to the Mozart Academic Society for the Arts, also a member of Dance Masters of America and AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artists) In 2004, Amelia was given the title Dame of the Sovereign Grande Order of Marie de Coeurs and Baroness Von Derneck by Prince Heinrich Fromm of Germany. She was the director of Quinte Ballet School of Canada and currently serves on juries for national and international Ballet competitions. In 2012 Miss Wanderlingh became the President of the jury for Premio Adriatico International Ballet Competition. She acts as collaborator and Artistic Consultant to schools in North America and abroad among which Hamilton Academy for Performing Arts, Northeast Ballet Academy (USA) and Pavlova International Ballet School and Company (ITALY) and is a Member of Board of Director of the International University for Ballet Arts (USA) Miss Wanderlingh has dedicated herself to finding young talents and to opening new opportunities in order to stimulate their growth and help them to achieve their professional goal